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Animate Strokes and Glow Results in After Results

On this After Results animation lighting tutorial, you may learn to animate strokes and glow results in Adobe After Results. Taking an instance undertaking, we will punch up the textual content with some superior textual content results and provides it a extremely cool digital look.

example projectexample projectexample project

What You will Must Animate Glow in After Results

The next belongings had been used in the course of the manufacturing of this After Results animation lighting tutorial:

gampire fontgampire fontgampire font

On this undertaking, the textual content is an imported Adobe Illustrator file contained inside a pre-comp. If you need extra animation choices, we’ll want entry to the precise textual content as a textual content layer.

We are able to do that by utilizing the Kind Device and selecting the identical font as what’s displayed right here. Or we will merely copy and paste the textual content immediately from Adobe Illustrator into the undertaking. By doing so, any formatting that may have been accomplished inside Illustrator transfers over to After Results.

text tooltext tooltext tool

Now, what I would love to do is convert this textual content into form layers. You are able to do this by right-clicking on the layer and selecting Create > Create Shapes From Textual content, which can create a brand new shapes layer and mechanically disguise the unique textual content layer.

create shapes from text layercreate shapes from text layercreate shapes from text layer

Open up the layer choices. What I wish to do is give it a stroke impact and animate the strokes across the textual content in an fascinating approach.

To do that, let’s broaden all the layers. And when you hit the Tilde key on the keyboard, this will provide you with a greater take a look at all of your layers.

expand all the layersexpand all the layersexpand all the layers

Seize all of the fills and strokes and delete them.

delete stroke and filldelete stroke and filldelete stroke and fill

Click on on the Add button and select Stroke.

add strokeadd strokeadd stroke

And that is going to place a stroke down on the backside of this stack. That approach, I can management one stroke for all the layer, and all of the shapes could have this stroke, which makes it simpler to animate.


Hit the Tilde key once more to return to the traditional view, and regulate the stroke dimension by altering the Stroke Width worth. 

stroke widthstroke widthstroke width

I am additionally going to have the stroke match the colour of the textual content. Simply choose the shapes layer, after which click on on the stroke button on the high. Then use the Eyedropper Device to match the colour of the textual content layer beneath (you will want to unhide the layer to do that).

colour the strokecolour the strokecolour the stroke

Click on on the Add button and select Trim Paths.

trim pathstrim pathstrim paths

And that may put the trim paths on the backside of all of those teams, which implies that the trim paths will basically have an effect on every thing that is above them.

trim pathstrim pathstrim paths

Now, to animate the strokes, return to the start of the timeline and drop a keyframe for each Finish and Offset.

add keyframeadd keyframeadd keyframe

Then go forwards about three seconds. I will put the tip at 100%, and I will put the offset to 1. It will do one full revolution or rotation of the offset. 

full revolutionfull revolutionfull revolution

Click on on the play preview button to preview the stroke animation, which reveals a type of wrapping line impact.


Now chances are you’ll discover that the animation for the ‘O’ is doing a little unusual issues. That is as a result of the ‘O’ form is made up of two teams, every with a path and a merge path utilized. The merge path is there to subtract the center form from the outer form in order that it has a ‘gap’ when stuffed (in any other case it can simply seem like an oval).

animation for oanimation for oanimation for o

Nevertheless, we do not want that as we’re coping with strokes. So let’s take away the Merge Path and do the identical for the letter ‘R’ and the opposite ‘O’. As soon as you have accomplished that, the animation ought to play correctly.

merge pathmerge pathmerge path

Choose the keyframes and apply Straightforward Ease with the F9 key on the keyboard.

easy ease keyframeseasy ease keyframeseasy ease keyframes

You too can change the Butt Caps to Spherical Caps when you choose that look. And you’ll change the Be a part of Fashion to Spherical to easy out the corners of the letters.

butt capbutt capbutt cap

I would really like the fill layer to come back in at 3 seconds, so let’s transfer it accordingly.

move fillmove fillmove fill

Then, on my stroke layer, I will animate the stroke width, so add a keyframe for that at 3 seconds.

add keyframe for strokeadd keyframe for strokeadd keyframe for stroke

Transfer ahead to about 5 seconds and alter the stroke width to 0. You too can straightforward ease the keyframe for a greater animation.

change stroke widthchange stroke widthchange stroke width

From there, hit the Play Preview button to see the timing of the animation and make any changes to it accordingly. For this instance, I will velocity the animation up slightly bit by transferring the keyframes nearer collectively.

bring keyframes closerbring keyframes closerbring keyframes closer

Now that we’ve got the textual content animation, let’s return to the unique composition so we will begin including another results like glows.

Choose the Textual content comp and add a Glow impact to it utilizing the Results and Presets console or by going to Impact > Stylize > Glow.

add glow effectadd glow effectadd glow effect

Enhance the Glow Radius and the Glow Threshold till you get a glance that you just like.

adjust glowadjust glowadjust glow

You too can duplicate the impact to stack it, which might enhance the impact additional.

improve the glowimprove the glowimprove the glow

Going again into the Textual content Comp, you may also activate Movement Blur for the stroke, which can enhance the look of the animation.

activate motion bluractivate motion bluractivate motion blur

From right here, we will pretend some extra intense glowing by duplicating the define layer. Go to the place the stroke is being animated within the timeline, and alter the stroke width to one thing smaller while altering the colour to white.

stroke whitestroke whitestroke white

Then add a Gaussian Blur impact to create an internal glow impact.

inner glowinner glowinner glow

Press the play preview button to see what your animation seems like.

final animationfinal animationfinal animation


animate glow and strokesanimate glow and strokesanimate glow and strokes

Congratulations! And that is how one can animate strokes and glows in Adobe After Results. When you’re accomplished, experiment with settings such because the depth to create an impact that you’re pleased with. Now that you have discovered methods to animate glow in After Results, take a look at among the different After Results tutorials we’ve got beneath.

I hope you have discovered this After Results animation lighting tutorial helpful, and I will see you subsequent time on Envato Tuts+!



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